Adele is currently embroiled in a plagiarism controversy, as fans of Kurdish-Turkish singer Ahmet Kaya are claiming that she stole the song "Million Years Ago" from him.

Fans say that the song from her record-breaking album "25" bears distinctive similarities to Kaya's song "Acilara Tutunmak" (Clinging to Pain), which was released in 1985, according to the Daily Mail.

Now the fans of the singer, who died in November 2000 in exile in Paris, went abuzz on social media in Turkey, accusing the British singer-songwriter of ripping off one of her most acclaimed tracks off the album.

 "Adele has stolen from us," Esra Nur Aydogan wrote on Twitter. However, one YouTube user remarked that both songs were "generic" and that there are "literally hundreds other songs that sound like that," according to The Independent.

Kaya's wife Gulten Kaya weighed in on the controversy, telling a local newspaper that for the 27-year-old songstress to steal a song would seem "unlikely." "However, if she consciously did it, then it would be theft," she said, BBC News reported.

Adele's third studio album "25" has sold millions of copies and broken multiple records on both sides of the Atlantic, according to The International Business Times.