Adele's music has the power to stop families from fighting during the holidays, according to "Saturday Night Live." In a sketch from Saturday nights episode, which was hosted by Matthew McConaughey, a family's Thanksgiving meal was going downhill fast due to some inappropriate dinner conversations, but Adele's music saved the day.

In the pre-taped skit, the "SNL" cast mocked a family who were fighting over controversial hot topics like the Syrian refugees, transgender people, ISIS and police brutality. The family could not agree on anything and got into intense discussions, until Adele's hit single "Hello" is put on. As soon as the British singer's voice is heard through the speakers, everyone stops fighting to sing their hearts out to "Hello." As the song played everything suddenly became better; the turkey even became less burnt!

As the song continued to play, the cast suddenly started to gradually turn into Adele, complete with long nails and perfect eyeliner. The Thanksgiving skit soon turned into a parody of Adele's "Hello" music video. The cast and McConaughey stared to lipsync the song complete with wigs and the fur coat the singer wears throughout the music video.

Check out the hilarious sketch below!