• Fact Check: Farts Can Spread Coronavirus, Negate Effectiveness of Face Masks Amid the coronavirus pandemic and several health experts recommending the use of face masks, multiple conspiracy theories still go viral. One such claim is that farts prove the ineffectiveness of facial coverings because they can be smelled through them.

  • Russia Eyes August Registry of First Coronavirus Vaccine Moscow is planning to register the world's first coronavirus vaccine in the middle of August ahead of international competitors. The treatment's development received widespread criticism for the apparent rushing of procedures by Moscow.

  • Exploitative Chinese Fishing Vessels Occupy Galapagos Islands, Threatening Darwin's Refuge One of the most notorious ravagers of the sea, the Chinese fishing vessels, are roaming around the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos is one of the most unique places of endemic species that should be protected at all cost.

  • Dogs Can Accurately Sniff Coronavirus in Saliva and Secretions German researchers conducted a study that found that trained sniffing dogs could sniff out the coronavirus in the saliva of infected patients. The study observed a positive 94 percent accuracy in their controlled tests.

  • Study Claims Life Could Thrive and Exist Beneath Mars’ Surface Evidence of water beneath the Red Planet's surface and the conditions there are less harsh. And not only that, but the new study also claims that the continuous bombardment by the GCRs or the galactic cosmic rays, could spark the possible life as it is the energy needed to stimulate the organic activity that can result in a new life

  • Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine Enters 'Late-Stage Trials' in Hopes of Releasing Before End of Year Moderna is preparing to conduct its Phase 3 trials of its experimental coronavirus vaccine. The study will aim to inject 30,000 people to determine its safety and effectiveness.

  • Study Suggest Humans Weakening COVID-19 Virus by Mutation, But Virus is Fighting Back In their released statement, the Universities' researchers emphasized that all organisms mutate, and it is normally a random process as a result of mistakes made during the copying process of the DNA. They also added that in the case of COVID-19 or the SARS-CoV-2, mutation may well not be a random process, and instead humans are mutating the virus.

  • China Launches Unmanned Mission to Mars China’s spacecraft, called Tianwen-1, or the “Quest for Heavenly Truth”, was recently said to carry different scientific devices to scrutinize Mars from orbit and its surface. Tianwen-1 is expected to test and determine how water ice is circulated on Mars, and also the physical evolution of the planet and its suitability to support life over time.

  • Americas 'Oldest Hotel' Is a Mexican Cave Inhabited 30,000 Years Ago Despite the belief that ancient humans set foot in the Americas 15,000 years ago, a cave in Mexico proves otherwise. The records show that ancient humans stayed in the cave for a couple of months 30,000 years ago, making it the oldest hotel ever.

  • Could Future Pandemics Come From Space? Scientists have advised that our immune systems, alongside those of other mammals, could find it difficult to combat alien viruses and bacteria from other planets. This begs the question: Could future pandemics originate from space?

  • Potentially Hazardous Asteroid Hitting Earth: Will It Erase Mankind Like the Dinosaurs? Every month, stories about massive asteroids getting too close to the Earth's orbit is being reported. But is there a reason for us to be worried, will one hit the planet soon?

  • Coronaviruses That Scared the World Before COVID-19 When people hear “coronavirus” what comes into mind is immediately the novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19. What many do not know is before COVID-19, there have other several coronaviruses that scared the world. SARS

  • Chinese Medical Firm Boasted of Coronavirus Vaccine 'Pre-Testing' of Unapproved Treatments A Chinese pharmaceutical firm has boasted of its attempts at conducting 'pre-testing' of a coronavirus vaccine that has yet to be approved by the regulatory body. The move comes amid Beijing's aim of becoming the first country to produce a working vaccine for the deadly pandemic.

  • Believe It or Not! A Fish With Eerie Human-Like Teeth Was Caught in Malaysia An angler in Malaysia discovered an odd-looking fish that had what seemed to be human teeth. The animal's photo quickly became viral on Twitter as users found the creature's looks amusing but doubts of its authenticity surface.

  • Can Vitamin C Cure Colon Cancer? Vitamin C, also known as Ascorbic Acid, has many health benefits when included in the human diet. Previous studies, however, have been looking for greater potential in assisting colon cancer patients in getting better and fighting off the hostile cells.

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