• QNET CEO on Scam Claims: "Transparency Has Always Been Our Goal." QNET is taking a head-on approach to addressing any unsavory claims about the company.

  • How to Brainstorm New Product Ideas for Your Business First, they started with a search engine. Then, they created Gmail. Later, Larry Page and co. thought of Google Maps. And then, a short while later, they acquired YouTube.

  • Why your start-up might be failing and how you can fix it Starting a business might have been a great idea to begin with, but now you might not be so sure. There are so many things that you need to concentrate on and juggling that with your full-time job might not be great for your mental well-being.

  • How Tech Wearables Help People Transform Their Health & Wellness Routines Wearable technology like Apple watches have become increasingly popular over the last number of years. Whilst these devices have countless applications, one of the most common reasons people have adapted to this technology is to improve their fitness and wellbeing.

  • 4 Ways to Cut Your Auto Insurance Costs Every time you get behind the wheel, you're at risk of becoming involved in a car accident. That's why auto insurance exists - to cover your liability and protect you financially.

  • Services offered with the LMS Learning Management Systems have been making waves in the employee training arena for a while now. For an organization, its advantages are aplenty.

  • 4 Challenges Facing the Life Insurance Industry Today Life insurance companies have faced major changes over the years. Even before the pandemic, they struggled to adapt to new technologies and meet changing customer expectations.

  • PosiGen CEO on Simple Solar Access for Everyone While solar panels and the electrical components that come with solar systems are relatively standard, every home is unique.

  • A Young Family's Guide to Choosing the Perfect House ids change everything. From the day-to-day things to the big-picture, they have an impact on everything you do - and this includes buying a house. And while the kids are obviously not the ones calling the shots on a financial decision this important, you do have to account for their needs.

  • Is International Travel Easier Than It Used to Be? In some ways, international travel is more challenging than ever. In other ways, it's easier than ever. Overall, has international travel become more convenient and more affordable? And is it set to become even easier in the future?

  • Avant Founder Kristin Ihle Molinaroli Shares Five Winning Career Moves For Women When considering how the world of work has shifted since the onset of COVID-19, Kristin Molinaroli, the inventor behind LUMEN, a patent-pending talent development app says

  • How to Start a Career in Teaching Teaching is a rewarding career path that offers several perks, such as an attractive salary, generous paid holiday, and excellent job security. However, becoming a teacher is a big commitment, and you will need to meet various requirements to achieve a teaching license.

  • Dharma Ocean on The Buddha: Stripped Down to Nothing This talk by Dr. Reggie Ray - the Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation - was shared with the public broadcasting service in support of the film, The Buddha. The original podcast is available at Dharmaocean.org.

  • Moissanite vs. Diamond - What Kind of Center Stone Should You Pick for An Engagement Ring? Most engagement rings feature a stone in the center, usually a diamond or another precious stone. While a diamond is the most popular choice in the United States, there are many other great choices for a center stone.

  • Fashion Gifts Ideas You Might Want to Consider What's not to like about receiving a wardrobe makeover over the holidays? Forget the traditional adage about socks in your stocking. Make giving clothing more enjoyable by including on-trend basics and innovative ways to provide a fashion-forward outfit.

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