• 5 Foods That Make Men More Attractive to Women If you want to look handsome, fast-forward and more attractive to women, then you should definitely need a diet. The nutritionist said that your diet can boost your sex appeal and so many health care activities.

  • Istanbul Shocked by The Terrorist Attack on New Year Eve During New Year's celebration 39 people, including many foreigners were killed by a gunman reportedly dressed a Santa Claus costume open fired on the night club of Istanbul.

  • Samsung To Introduce New Speaker Lines At CES 2017 Samsung set to announce their new lines of speaker systems at the upcoming CES 2017, sporting their Ultra-High Quality sound technology.

  • Top 10 Victoria’s Secret Models in 2016 There will be 50 gorgeous models hitting the catwalk for the 2016 Victoria's Secret Paris Fashion Show Monday night on CBS.but only 12 of them have earned their wings to become official Victoria's Secret models.

  • World War 2 Bomb Scares Germany Town, Evacs 54,000 on Christmas Day The biggest and most surprising news on this Christmas that an unexploded British bomb from World War II forced 54,000 people out of their homes in Germany.

  • NBA Christmas Day Battles: Cleveland Cavaliers Trash Golden State Warriors The NBA on Christmas day did not disappoint this year. Let's take a look back on Sunday's action.

  • 20 Stunning Photos Captured Reuters’ Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographers In 2016, Reuters' photography staff was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News Photography category. There are various kinds of photos there, From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The incredibly talented team is documenting everything from the refugee crisis to the beauty of the Northern Lights. Their team of editors has once again compiled the best photographs taken this year, and, with just a few days left in 2016, we've picked our top 50 favorites. We have listed top 20 most powerful Reuters' photos they have captured in 2016 and won the Pulitzer Prize proudly.

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over 'The New Celebrity Apprentice' boardroom Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over The New Celebrity Apprentice's Boardroom, which premiere on January 2 at 8/7c on NBC.

  • Science: Why Female Sex Robots Are More Dangerous Than You Think Sex is one of the most important things in between a couple, as saved for the special occasion. Here one question may arise that is female sex robots steps in to satisfy our everyday needs?

  • 15 Most Powerful Weapons of Russia Whether you admit or not, Russia is one of the largest exporters of military equipment in the world. Russia is the only one nation after the US to have every possible kind of military weapons. They produce long-range bombers to next generation submarines. The Russian Army is back like a bear awakening from hibernation. Russian defense spending increased by one-third this year and should reach $96 billion by 2016. Their new vehicle like KRASUKHA, PANTSYR S1, and S-400 could easily make Russia again the most powerful army in the world. Here are the top 15 weapons used by the Russian military.

  • 10 Best Christmas Tour Destinations in the World Christmas is coming! Colorful lights are in the trees, snow is everywhere, and a perfect holiday destination is waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Start backpacking, book your hotels and flights and choose a spot for best Christmas trip with your family. You may go Nashville, Tennessee or to Tromso, Norway to witness the colorful Northern Lights. If you like snow, Finland and Switzerland are ideal for you. Here are the 10 Best Christmas tour destinations in the world.

  • 10 Most Expensive Wedding Venue: One & Only Reethi Rah,Laucala Island,Little Palm Island Are you dreaming about a perfect wedding spot? Don't worry about it. We made a list of top 10 expensive wedding spots in the world. Sometimes women are planning everything over and over but at the time of execution, they aren't exactly how she imagined. It gets more and more complicated and not to mention expensive. There are several wedding spot available. You can opt for the new rustic theme and hold your ceremony at a barn, in a forest, or in a meadow somewhere, you can also go to a church or it may be an island otherwise you can choose a luxury lodge. It totally depends upon your choice.

  • ‘AMD Ryzen’ News: AMD flagship CPU reveals special features, core architecture Advance microdevice (AMD) an American multinational semiconductor company is especially known for best competitor Of Intel in CPU market, as well as one of the best GPU maker now, unveil their next generation CPU architecture named as "ZEN architecture".

  • Top 10 Best Reality TV Shows: Survivor, American Idol, Newlyweds, Etc. Reality shows are one of the most amazing things in the world. Around 20 percent of the almost 100 programs across all of cable are realty show. Among the top reality television shows include American Idol, The Bachelor, The Survivor and Newlyweds though there are several other shows that hold their own against far more expensive and publicized scripted broadcast series. We made a list of top 10 TV reality series using Nielsen Media Research data.

  • Celebrity News: 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors in 2016; Dwayne Johnson, Johnny Deep, Robert Jr. Downey top list It is clearly a golden year for all Hollywood actor and actress. There is no doubt movie fans enjoy 2016 with some great movies. Just a few months ago, Forbes released its list of the highest-paid celebrities in the world between June 2015 and June 2016. There were musicians, athletes, comedians, actors, and actresses, as well as some multimedia talents. Out of it, we make a list of the top paid actors in Hollywood. Dwayne "The Rock" holds the top position over Robert Downy Jr. Dwayne’s $64 million paydays more than doubled his earning in this year.

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