Ninety-six-year-old dancer Tao Porchon-Lynch showed that she can still bust a move on Tuesday's episode of "America's Got Talent."

"Dancing makes you well again. I've fell, and I've slipped, I've had everything. But I don't let it take the better of me," Porchon-Lynch told NBC in a video about what dancing does for her.

Getting into dancing was a chance thing for Porchon-Lynch, who has no intention to try out for the show.

"I wasn't trying to compete in it," she told The Journal News. "I was just going to do a performance. But then, when I got there and I did it, the judges jumped up and said, 'This is something special!'"

Porchon-Lynch is not the only woman to dance well beyond her years, with others including 92-year-old South Carolina woman Betty Patterson.

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