Munro & Associates, an analyst company famous for its reverse engineering tactics, got its hands on a $50,000 BMW i3 and then tore it apart to study and discover the secrets of the acclaimed "car of the future."

The company has released three videos that talked about their discoveries on the BMW i3. While the videos have a lot to share about the car, the real research results are up for sale at the company's website.

Chief Executive Sandy Munro spearheaded the teardown of the electric car. He has a long history of producing teardown benchmarking studies for both the public sector and private clients, but the i3 study will mark the first time that these types of reports will be made available for general distribution, Forbes reported.

Munro aims to provide the real "cookbook" for the BMW i3, offer a precise and deep analysis to the competitors and let them peek through BMW's engineering secrets, including the cost and processes involved down to the very last nut and bolt used.

The conclusion the firm came up with is that not only is the BMW i3 built around being as energy efficient as possible, but it is also economically efficient, according to Gas2. The simplicity of the automobile is also recognized, especially after having so much to offer as the future of cars. 

Munro & Associates is releasing the information to anyone interested, including car, airplane and train companies, as long as they are willing to pay the price, which is currently set at $500,000.