Wireless charging is a slowly developing tech niche. While most phones still require a cable connection, some Android phones added a wireless battery charging function. Other tech companies developed cases that added an external wireless charger via a phone case or an attachment.

Thousands of users have purchased wireless charging outlets, and some chains decided to add charging platforms in restaurants and cafes, but many analysts don't think that wireless charging has reached its heyday.

This is in part because of an ongoing battle between A4WP, Qi and PMA - the three formats used to wirelessly transfer power from outlet to device. Device makers are divided on which format is the best, and that division makes wireless charging inconvenient, since users wouldn't be able to easily tell the difference between the three formats. Thankfully, A4WP and PMA recently combined into a single format of transfer, and device makers started installing both formats into their phones.

Now, Ikea is jumping onto the wireless charging train and adding the feature to its products. The home goods provider officially announced the launch of its wireless charging furniture.

"We wanted to make charging a natural part of your home," Ikea said in a press release. "So we chose side tables and lamps - the kind of furniture that's used frequently - and turned them into wireless chargers. Not only do they make your home more beautiful, they make it easier to charge wherever you are." 

"The collection ranges in price from $9.99 to $119 and includes several different lamps (floor, table, work), two different styles of bedside tables, as well as desks, and simple charging pads (pictured). The pieces all have built-in wireless chargers that support the Qi wireless charging standard," PC World reported. Ikea is also offering wireless charging pads that are designed to "blend in easily," as Ikea designer David Wahl puts it.