The new trailer for Sandra Bullock and George Clooney's space thriller, "Gravity," is here—and it's a nail-biter.

The clip shows Clooney and Bullock, as characters Matt Kowalsky and Dr. Ryan Stone, embarking on an anti-gravity mission that goes awry when flying debris targets their space shuttle. The two-minute trailer ends as Bullock is tossed into the blackness and spirals almost out of view.

"Gravity," directed by Alfonso Cuaron, isn't set to hit theaters until the fall, but some of the cast recently appeared on a Comic-Con panel to discuss what it was like filming the high-tech space drama.

In order to create the effect of drifting through in space, Bullock was isolated in a 9-by-9-foot cube during most of filming, Cuaron explained.

"The cube was designed to continually capture her point of view while floating alone in space," he said.

"They had me strung up for 8-10 hours a day," Bullock said. "There were certain contraptions that made you feel incredibly claustrophobic, but you also knew that no one had ever done this before and the fact that you are the one that gets to do this right now means you suck it up and figure out a way to maintain your sanity until they were done getting what they needed to get done."

Bullock says she found different ways to cope with the situation.

"I learned to meditate up there," she shared. "Alfonso gave me boxes of CDs with sounds that would set the tone for a scene and help me stay in the right head space."

The isolated filming conditions also meant that Bullock didn't get to have much of a physical connection with co-star, Clooney.

"We didn't have a lot of time together. It was mostly our voices with each other," she said. "There was very few times that we had physical contact, so we had to rely on just each other's voice to get us where we needed to go."

"Gravity" hits theaters Oct. 4.