Kate Upton's sexy advertisement for "Game of War: Fire Age" is responsible for Machine Zone's sprint up the ladder to the number two spot on the top grossing mobile games list and the number 38 spot as the top grossing free-to-play game.

Not only is "GOW" competing in the big leagues with others like "Candy Crush Saga" and "Clash of Clans," but Machine Zone is earning nearly $1 million per day, according to Cinema Blend.

The secret weapon? Kate Upton's bouncing breasts.

The 22-year-old Sport's Illustrated model is featured in a series of ads, but they all have one thing in common: Upton's exposed body.

In the ads, Upton is most often pictured as a Grecian goddess and she wears a white, low-cut dress that highlights her assets. As if the outfit wasn't seductive enough, Upton is shown riding on a horse or soaking in a bathtub, and you can use your imagination for what that sight looks like . . . or you can watch the video below.

Machine Zone, based in Palo Alto, has spent big money in order to attract attention to its game, and it has been estimated by ad and social media tracking firm ISpot.tv that the company spent roughly $80 million on 9,000 television ad spots.

The video game's ad, which started airing since November, has been viewed more than 7.8 million times after airing during the Super Bowl in February, KpopStarz reported.

Believe it or not, some people are tired of looking at the blonde bombshell.

"I never thought I'd say it, but thanks to her prolonged series of ads for Game of War: Fire Age, I'm getting tired of seeing Kate Upton," an article from The Fiscal Times noted.

Upton says, "Come and play with me," in the game's ad, and that's all it takes for teenage boys to press download.