She's one of the most open stars in Hollywood when it comes to sharing her personal life and struggles with her fans, but 20-year old Demi Lovato's fame also has a downside.

CTV News reports that the star recently took to Twitter to rant about her lack of privacy, most likely the result of private photos of her leaking online, including several of her and her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, the pictures seemingly taken before Lovato entered treatment for her mental health, addiction and body issues.

"Completely and utterly disgusted at the absolute lack of any privacy or respect whatsoever in this world today. None. So disappointed," Lovato tweeted before deleting her rant. "Artists don't owe anyone ANYTHING. We choose to be open and honest in our music with others...Yet this is how we are thanked?"

Lovato has said in the past that she wants to keep her relationship private, and in her most recent interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, she revealed that she is not planning on taking her boyfriend with her on the red carpet until she's ready to get married.

During an interview On Air With Ryan Seacrest, Lovato said (6:38 of the video), "You know what, I open up so much to my fans with my personal life, that some things just have to stay sacred."

Unfortuneatly for Lovato, a recent series of private photos leaked depicting her and her boyfriend kissing and cuddling in bed, several of which the star may have been underage in at the time in which they were taken, as they lack her prominent tattoos.

"The entitlement that society has today over the lives of artists today is absolutely PATHETIC," she wrote on Twitter. "I don't do this for money. In fact, I'd give back all the money in the world I've ever made if I could buy my privacy back."