Tom Hanks doesn't seem like the type of guy to listen to rap music, and that's exactly the case.

The actor recently revealed that not even his own son's songs can change that.

Chester Hanks, most commonly referred to as Chet Haze, is an up-and-coming MC who has made some remixes of several well-known songs, including Wiz Khalifa's "Black and Yellow."

"I can't honestly say I love to hear some of the language in it but that's not just his stuff, that's a lot of other people's as well," Hank told the Daily News at the American Spirit Awards on Feb. 24 in regards to his son's beats.

Chet had some past issues with drugs and was in rehab in 2014 for cocaine addiction, but Tom Hanks did not stray from his son because of these episodes, according to the New York Daily News.

"What I love about my kid is that he's doing it," the "Captain Phillips" star said. "A lot of people sit around and wait for the phone to ring and wait for someone to invite them to do it and my kid has done it, he's been doing it for six years."

Hanks praised his three children - Colin, Elizabeth and Chet - for being go-getters and breaking into their respective industries on their own, without much guidance from him.

Chet is a musician, Colin is an actor and Elizabeth is a writer, which makes for a family full of artists.

The 58-year-old actor is well-renowned for his role as Forrest in "Forrest Gump" in his younger years, but the star still impresses decades later.

Tom Hanks claims that he doesn't have "any secret knowledge" to help his children advance. He can simply be "their fan," but that's what parents are best at - famous or not!

The two-time Oscar-winner may not have any verbal advice, but he sure has made an impact on today's culture with films that will always be timeless.