Ever wonder what your cat is trying to tell you? Have you ever wished you knew what those meows and trills meant? Well, for $169, the Meowlingual can help.

The Japan Trend Shop says: "Like Takara Tomy's Bowlingual, the dog 'translator' device, the Meowlingual will apparently help you decode what your cat is telling you. It can analyze the expression on your feline friend's furry face and categorize it into six different moods. The gadget also translates around 200 words in 'cat chat.' It can even interpret 21 kinds of emotions based on your cat's gestures and behavior, and offers 85 types of health checks."

All you need is a cat, two AA batteries and... oh, you need to be able to read Japanese.

For an additional $33, you can pick up some "dog wine" and have a nice dinner conversation over drinks... with your pet. (Don't worry, according to the product's website, the sparkling beverage is non-alcoholic).