Not only do people love My Cat Kyle because he has an awesome moustache, but he is also on a philanthropic mission to stop domestic violence. 

Kyle is a rescued murder witness with three teeth, no claws, severe dandruff, hip dysplasia, and a permanently crooked ear.

Five-years-ago Kyle was rescued by police from a house with more than 30 other animals and two married humans. Kyle and his other furriends were discovered and saved by police when they arrived at the house on a domestic violence call that ended in a fatality, according to a post on My Cat Kyle's Instagram

Since the tragedy Kyle was adopted and is the face of a domestic violence campaign. 

His unique look instantly catches the attention of human Internet users, which helped him raise more than $2,700 for domestic violence charities on Indie Gogo

Here are some of the many faces of Kyle that are capturing the hearts of people around the world for a good cause: