It's things like this that make me weep for humanity as a whole...cue the brassy theme from "Goldfinger."

A company called ColorWare recently released a limited edition run of 24k gold-plated Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers, at an entirely unreasonable $300 a pop, and sold right out.

Only 25 of the controllers were manufactured, described by the company as exhibiting "the most desirable finishing technique on the market." They were announced on the company's Facebook page five days ago, and have all been sold. ColorWare focuses on "the idea that electronic devices could be more appealing than the standard colors offered by the original manufacture."

Now, I could (almost) understand if these controllers did something extra, or had some sort of extra functionality, but they do not. They are functionally no different than any other $59.99 controller you can buy at Target for those systems. In other words, they are luxury for luxury's sake. And in today's day and age, I find that rather ludicrous.

Of course, these controllers are mere baubles in comparison to the gold consoles that were being sold last year for a paltry $13,699. Thanks to the Huffington Post for the tip.