LG and Audi revealed at CES in Las Vegas that they have created a smartwatch that has the ability to control the German automaker's vehicles.

The wearable was shown off in a demonstration that had Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi's head of research and development, use it to start an Audi Prologue's engine and drive the car out onto the stage, according to SlashGear.

Running on Google's Android Wear, the watch comes with a new UI as well as new hardware on the outside and the inside. NFC is included inside to make sure the watch's connection with the car is secure. Biometric sensors, a feature found in most smartwatches, are used to monitor the driver's heart rate and body temperature and store the information in the vehicle.

LG said the smartwatch possesses several other abilities, such as remotely locking and unlocking the car, changing the climate control settings and controlling the stereo, News Every Day reported.

LG is only one of the companies Audi is working with to improve the technology in its vehicles, with others including Samsung and Nvidia.

Hackenberg says Audi wants to use this smartwatch technology to let drivers unlock rental cars so they won't have to check in at a rental counter first, and that it will only be a few years before this technology is made available to the public, SlashGear reported.

The release date and price for the Audi-exclusive remote-controlled smartwatch has yet to be revealed.