Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been urged by more than 300 former Obama campaign staffers and organizers to run for the 2016 presidential race, CNN reported.

In an open letter, posted on and entitled "We helped elect Barack Obama - now we're calling on Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016," a group of 300 ex-Obama aides are encouraging the Massachusetts Democrat to throw in her hat and run for president in 2016.

Released on Friday by Ready for Warren, a grassroots group promoting a potential campaign, the letter talks about how Warren, like Obama in 2008, seems like an unlikely option. And even though she does not have much of a chance at getting a nomination, they still want someone who will "stand up for working families and take on the Wall Street banks and special interests."

Currently, "Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the dominant Democratic figure in the early days of the next presidential campaign but has yet to announce a presidential campaign," the Associated Press reported.

"The former secretary of state has drawn support from a number of top former Obama aides, including 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina, who are involved in outside groups preparing for the 2016 race."

Despite the 65-year-old stating that she does not plan to run for the next presidential race, the Obama alums' letter conveys a possible interest in a Warren campaign, according to Mediaite.

"We believed in an unlikely candidate who no one thought had a chance. We worked for him - and against all odds, we won in Iowa," the letter reads, referring to President Obama.

"We organized like no campaign had organized before - and won the Democratic primary. We built a movement - and the country elected the first-ever African American president. We know that the improbable is far from impossible."

"Now, former staffers from President Obama's campaigns, along with former staffers from OFA, are joining with the thousands of Americans who are calling on Elizabeth Warren to run for president in 2016," the letter states.

"Rising income inequality is the challenge of our times, and we want someone who will stand up for working families and take on the Wall Street banks and special interests that took down our economy."

Recently, Warren "has been pointedly questioning the Wall Street-centric culture that has existed at Treasury and understands that various insiders find that threatening," Warren spokeswoman Lacey Rose said, noting the tone of the letter.

Meanwhile, the letter included the signatures of Rajeev Chopra, the chief information officer for Obama's 2012 campaign; Stephen Geer, who led email and online fundraising in 2008; and Sam Graham-Felsen, the campaign's chief blogger in 2008.