A woman claiming to be an ex-NASA employee alleges she saw two human-like figures walking towards the Viking lander on Mars in 1979.

Twenty-seven years later, the woman, who is only identified as Jackie, went on American radio show "Coast to Coast AM" telling of her experience, reported International Business Times.

Jackie said her job at NASA was to handle the downlink telemetry from the Viking lander - the first vehicle to ever send back photos of Mars' surface back to Earth. She claims that in this footage she noticed two humans in space suits walking towards the Viking lander in the distance, IBT reported.

The space suits were described as protective, but not like what astronauts wore.

The strange thing about the footage is that while Jackie and her co-workers were handling the equipment the images suddenly shut off. This piece is still a mystery to Jackie, which is why she reached out to the radio show for help to solve it.

NASA has not commented on the issue yet, so it remains unclear if the humans could be other NASA astronauts.

It's uncertain if humans walking on Mars is what Jackie saw that day, but she is believed by blogs that report on UFO and conspiracy theories. Some conspiracy theorists say secret Mars missions occurred in the 1960s, which would back up Jackie's alleged sighting, IBT reported.

The audio below came from the radio interview: