If you haven't already heard of Meital, you certainly will. This Israeli-born talent dropped her last name (Dohan) even before she established herself in theater, film and television with two Israeli Oscar nominations (for the films "Girofot" and "God's Sandbox") and an Israeli Tony Award.

Now she's set to conquer the U.S. on all entertainment fronts, and I can just see the headlines now: "Heavy Meital"... "Molten Meital"...

Fans of Showtime's monster hit series "Weeds" will have no trouble recalling Meital for having stolen the show as Yael Hoffman, Andy Botwin's enigma of a girlfriend - an Israeli soldier who likes violent sex only half as much as she likes deathly hand-to-hand combat. Meital also starred in the award-winning indie film "Monogamy" and Sony's hit comedy series "Woke Up Dead."

Last year, Meital released her third single, "Give Us Back Love," and it's still climbing multiple charts - after having secured 12 million music video views and nine international trendsetting top ten club chart positions.

Rumors have surfaced that the gorgeous - and gorgeously intense - international triple-threat talent is set to sign with one of the biggest music management companies in the business.

She's staying mum on that for now but warns us to "get ready for some crazy shit."

What are your immediate plans for public appearances and concerts here in the U.S.?

I'm very excited to reveal a new concept I'm working on for a new show. It might take a second though. I'm in the process of completing my first album and a new single.

Do you write your own music?

I'm always involved in every aspect of its creation. I make sure I co-write or give input on the lyrics/tracks and everything that comes with it, including its vision, art design, message and visuals. The music, for me, is the sound that ties together the visual experience.

Who would you like to collaborate with musically?

There are so many talented people that it's hard to choose, but if we can start with Mozart and Tiesto in the same room, I believe it would be the ultimate track. Can we make it happen?

When is your new album launching? What's the title and how did you come up with it?

My album will be launching soon. The name is "I'm In Hate With Love." The title symbolizes the notion - the conscious state of love in the modern world. It seems like the importance of self-love comes before finding love and sharing it with another. That's why I think - it's fair to say in the modern world - that we are all in hate with love or what used to be considered "love."

What about more acting gigs?

At the moment I'm focusing on the development of my new TV series and a few film projects.

Did you write the TV script yourself? What can you tell us about it?

Yes, I will be one of the creators of the show. I can't elaborate much, but you can check out this video to learn how to stay fit as you're waiting.

Do you make your own fashion statements?

My fashion statement is my statement for life. Feel free, be free, and take life in laughter. In other words, I try not to spend more than two minutes when I get dressed. I also like to create my own clothes with my designer friends, like Marco Marco.

What inspires you?

I appreciate the quiet moments and get inspired by the sound of the ocean. I love nature because I believe it's the secret for the creation.

Marina Anderson is an established actress, published author ("David Carradine: The Eye Of My Tornado"), publicist, personal manager (The Media Hound PR) and freelance writer specializing in entertainment. Her performing credits include starring and supporting roles in television shows, feature films, webisodes and national commercials such as "The Mentalist," "Dexter," "Law & Order LA" and "Seinfeld." Learn more about her at MarinaAnderson.net. Marina's passion is helping animals and she is an advocate for domestic and wildlife protection. Look for her next book (for children), "The Adventures of Lulu the Collie," which stars her beloved dog, Lulu, daughter of Lassie VIII. Contact Marina at ourwebemail@gmail.com or on Twitter at marinaanderson@flyinggoddess.