An infant who was trapped for three days under her dead father without any food or water is expected to survive.

Jason Fields, 43, had a heart condition and died of sudden cardiac arrest, the deputy coroner tells Reuters. He was found dead on a bed alongside a laptop computer in his Louisiana home Friday night.

Betty Jean Fields, Jason's 10-month-old daughter, was trapped between a bed headboard and her father. Her 5-year-old brother alerted neighbors who called the police, reports Reuters.

"The baby was dehydrated," Sabine Parish Deputy Coroner Ron Rivers tells Reuters. "It was able to breathe, expand its chest up and down ... We're very blessed that the baby didn't succumb." 

The baby also was suffering from blistering skin and had a noticeably dark indentation on the right side of her forehead from being wedged against the wall and under the body of her father, as Rivers tells Shreveport Times.

Betty was taken to LSU Medical Center in Shreveport, Louisiana where she is expected to make a full recovery according to Reuters reports.

The mother was released from jail Saturday, where she was serving misdemeanor charges, to care for the children. She only had a few days left to serve, but under the circumstances the judge released her early, reports Shreveport Times.