Facebook users must be 13 years old to sign up for an account, but a woman 100 years older than that found her own trouble signing up for the social network.

The 113-year-old Anna Stoehr, the oldest resident in Minnesota, tried to register for a Facebook page, but found her birth year, 1900, unavailable. Facebook's birth year goes back as far as 1905, but when Stoehr made her account she shaved off an extra 10 years to make her age read 99 years old on the social network site, according to Mashable.

A Verizon sales rep befriended Stoehr after he sold an iPhone to her 85-year-old son. The rep, Joseph Ramirez, has introduced her to many new technologies, such as how to use Google and Facetime on her iPad. She uses the video-conferencing app to communicate with her new friends in countries as far away as Germany.

"That's an aspect of my mom. She's been curious about everything all her life and continues to be curious about it," her son Harlan Stoehr told KARE 11 in Minneapolis.

Ramirez also helped Anna send a letter, written on a typewriter, to Facebook that read "I'm still here." He's made half a dozen trips between the Twin Cities and Plainview to meet with Stoehr.

Stoehr will celebrate her 114th birthday this weekend with friends and family at Green Praire Place, her senior community in Plainview, Minnesota. She is the seventh oldest person living in America.