It may sound counterintuitive, but the python massages - where a 20-foot long snake wraps its body around you - at a Philippines zoo are supposed to be very relaxing.

"We are changing the zoo into an interactive one," Cebu City Zoo Manager Giovanni Romarate says in a YouTube video explaining the back story of the python massage

Before the massage begins, visitors are warned not to breathe too heavily because heavy breathing could upset the snake and cause it to squish the person to death during the massage, reports The Week.

One thing visitors don't have to worry about is becoming the python's lunch. The snakes are each fed 10 chickens before the massage so they shouldn't be hungry (hopefully!).

The massage may even make you less hungry - WXII 12 reports an adrenaline spike you get when you have all four pythons crawling on your body.

"Except trying to constrict my neck it's actually quite comfortable," joked one zoo-goer who used to have a pet snake in the video.

"I think this one likes me," the zoo-goer said to a snake named AJ crawling near his face.