Yoga fans will be happy to hear that a new mat has been created that will make it easier for them to adjust their positions and avoid hurting themselves while engaging in this relaxing activity.

The SmartMat, developed by a California-based startup, is designed to track and adjust the user's posture as they perform different moves, according to Tom's Guide. Its designers put a Piezoresistive (electromagnetic) layer of sensors in the yoga mat that used SmartGrip Surface technology to track the user's positions.

By entering in their body data, the user's positions will be tracked to make sure they are following the right form. The mat uses its app, which is for both iOS and Android devices, to let the user know if their form is off and if they have to adjust their pose, balance and alignment.

Three settings are provided to alert the user during yoga routines. In-Home Private Mode gives the user full feedback, In-Class Assist Mode provides feedback that is less distracting, and Zen Mode tracks only the data collected from the mat, Tom's Guide reported.

Other features include a pre-set collection of moves that will track, additional programs for tracking helping with routines, a six-hour battery life, and Bluetooth compatibility that lets users connect it to smartphones and tablets.

The SmartMat is currently worth $347 in its Indiegogo campaign, which has a goal of raising $110,000, Tom's Guide reported. The first 450 backers will be able to preorder the mat for $247, and the next 1,200 can get one for $297. Colors options are also available for those who preorder the mat, with most being available in light blue, grey, and light green, as well as pink and black for Premium backers.

The first set of orders will be delivered in July 2015, and the rest of the backers will receive their mats by September of the same year.