Not only does Ronda Rousey believe she can do a better job portraying Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot, but the UFC bantamweight champion thinks all female superheroes should stop being “dumbed down” in general.

During an interview with USA Today, Rousey claimed female superheroes don’t have the best superpowers when compared to their male counterparts. Rousey used Wonder Woman and X-Men member Jean Grey as examples of weakness.

"I'm tired of watching this thing where the woman's superpower is dumbed down. In The Fantastic Four, the woman is the invisible one. In X-Men, (telekinetic) Jean Grey gets tired all the time," Rousey said. "Wonder Woman is cool, but she has bulletproof bracelets, while Superman is a bulletproof dude. It's like she has really cool accessories. I think about that a lot."

The comments come shortly after Rousey dissed “Batman vs. Superman” actress Gadot during an interview with Tommy Toe Hold Show. Rousey was asked if there was a female character she could play better.

"They're making a Wonder Woman right now, aren't they…I should have been Wonder Woman, man,” Rousey said. “That girl couldn't curl a two-pound weight, what's so wonderful about that? I don't understand."

Gadot has faced criticism about her body since her official casting announcement. Many fans claim the actress is too thin to take on the role, and cast doubt over director Zack Snyder’s decision to make her DC’s new Wonder Woman.

However, DC Entertainment’s co-publisher Jim Lee recently defended Snyder’s vision for “Batman vs. Superman” during an interview with Variety, claiming he trusts the director’s vision.

“Zack is a comicbook fan and draws inspiration from the comics,” Lee said. :He doesn’t need to be given advice. He’s a talented filmmaker. He’s a super stylized visualist. He’ll do stuff no one has ever done with the caped crusader and blow everyone away. He knows how to take the sensibility of comicbooks and do what other filmmakers don’t know how to do”

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will open in theaters on March 25, 2016.