Facebook Inc. released new features for its Paper App Monday to make it easier for users to find stories they like.

The updated version, Paper 1.2, has a new Trending section that shows topics people are talking about at the time, according to PC Magazine. Users are able to find the day's top stories by tapping the Trending label at the top of any story in the section.

Users are now also able to click on hashtags. Another goal of the update is to make it easier for users to identify people in photos. Users can see who is tagged by tapping the arrow and choosing View Photo Tags.

Users will also be able to tag or mention friends to let them know about the story, WebProNews reported.

"When you see beautiful photo stories you probably also want to know who's in the picture," Facebook said. "Now if a photo includes tags, you can tap the actions arrow and then choose View Photo tags. You can even zoom in and tilt your phone to explore all the tags in a photo."

The online social networking service said in a blog post that Paper 1.2 also lets user change their profile and cover shots from within the app, which is a feature that has been asked for by many users, PC Magazine reported. Users can make this change by tapping the current profile or cover photo, selecting a new image, and then cropping and resizing the image.

The app's privacy settings have also been updated. Users are now able to edit the audiences of their posts. For example, users can tap the name of the audience to change between sharing publicly or just with friends.

"We always want to help you share your stories with just the right people and make sure they look just the way you want them to," Facebook wrote. "Now you can easily change the audience for any post after you've shared it."