A 16-year-old Italian girl is dead after she fell onto jagged rocks while she was trying to take a selfie.

Isabella Fracchiolla was standing on a cliff up high in the south-eastern seaside town of Taranto when she fell 60 feet onto the sharp rocks below, the Irish Mirror reported Thursday.

According to Italian reports, Fracchiolla, who was on a school trip, climbed over the railing of a designated walkway and was trying to balance herself when she slipped and fell on June 6.

The teenager was rushed to the hospital where she received major surgery for injuries to her femur, pelvis and head, the Daily Mail reported. But the doctors' attempts were unsuccessful and she died several days later.

Experts warn that society's obsession with selfies is creating a profound impact on people's mental and physical health, including the increase in facial plastic surgery and an increase in head lice from kids putting their heads together to capture the self-photographs.

There has also been other fatal accidents in the pursuit of selfies.

A 32-year-old South Carolina woman died in April when she crashed her car into a truck because she was trying to post selfies online as she drove, the Irish Mirror reported.

A 17-year-old girl fell 30 feet to her death the same month when she climbed onto a railway bridge in Russia and got electrocuted by the wires.

In Spain, a 21-year-old man died from a 3,500-volt electric shock after he climbed on top of a train earlier this year, according to the Irish Mirror.

There have also been incidents of one person killing another over selfies. In March, a 16-year-old Mexican girl was allegedly stabbed to death by her best friend because the girl posted naked selfies of the best friend on Facebook. The suspect, also 16, was arrested in connection to the girl's death.