Was Emily Kinney (who plays Beth Greene) finally spotted on set in Atlanta filming Season 5 of "The Walking Dead"? According to The Spoiling Dead's Facebook page, Kinney was finally seen on set but there are no pictures to prove it.

"Some frequents stops today during filming. Norman [Reedus] and Emily were both at location yesterday. We have some awesome people on the ground today. Hopefully we will catch something great," the group posted on Facebook on June 11.

Reedus plays Daryl Dixon on the show. Some fans were a little skeptical about The Spoiling Dead's intel because they said Reedus was on set visiting and not filming.

Last month a rumor surfaced that Beth would reappear in an abandoned house. It was also rumored that Rick Grimes and Daryl would be the ones to find her. According to The Spoiling Dead, filming for the show had moved from the Terminus location to an abandoned house in Griffin, Ga.

According to the group, filming at the house involved Rick and Daryl "going into the house... and clearing it" of walkers. They also added that the location would "be locked down tight because of critical scenes being filmed."

Somehow, that information led many fans to theorize that Rick and Daryl find the house and go inside to clear it only to discover that Beth and Father Gabriel Stokes are living there. AMC has never confirmed that Father Gabriel would be a part of Season 5 but Seth Gilliam was spotted on set dressed as priest.

At the end of Season 4, Beth was kidnapped at a church by someone driving a car with a cross on the back. It was immediately speculated that the troubled priest was the one who took Beth. Again, none of this has been confirmed, so as of now, this is all a rumor and some fun speculation.