The company FUSAR Technologies has unveiled a new motorcycle helmet called the Guardian GA-1, which is capable of augmenting reality.

The helmet was introduced at last week's 2014 Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Santa Clara, Calif., according to Discovery News. The event is dedicated to displaying technologies such as augmented reality, digital eyewear, gesture and voice interaction and wearables.

The Guardian features a heads-up display (HUD) system, voice commands, video recording and technology for augmented reality.

The helmet was created to make riding motorcycles safer, Discovery News reported. A "rearview mirror" live feed is transmitted from a camera facing backwards into built-in Epson Moverio smart glasses. The camera also feeds in GPS navigation information. Voice commands are handled by speakers built into the helmet.

No specific details about the Guardian have been made to the public yet. However, a project video suggests that the helmet's system will let riders handle different tasks, such as keeping track of traffic conditions, tracking other riders, finding gas stations, and taking photos and videos. Riders would be able to accomplish all of these tasks hands-free.

Ryan Shearman, founder and CEO of FUSAR Technologies, said he was inspired to create the helmet after getting into a motorcycle accident, Engadget reported.

"I was in early morning traffic when an inattentive driver hit me from behind and I was thrown from my motorcycle," Shearman said at the AWE.

"What it is, is a fully integrated and connected device that motorcyclists can wear that allows them to have a full cognitive awareness of what's going on around them," he added.

Shearman also talked about the recording capabilities of the Guardian, Engadget reported.

"Everything is recording passively, but in the event that an accident is detected, that footage is locked into hard memory. It effectively has a black box feature built in," he said.

FUSAR Technologies is looking to launch its crowdfunding initiative for the helmet by mid-July, and also wants to have the Guardian available in stores in a year.