The Solar Roadways project has set the record for the highest number of individual funders.

The project, designed by Scott and Julie Brusaw from Idaho, has received support from over 35,000 backers from 42 countries during the course of its Indiegogo campaign, according to Crowdfund Insider.

The couple has surpassed their goal of $1,000,000.

Solar Roadways is designed to be made up of smart solar panels, covered by special tempered glass, that can replace roadways and parking lots, CNET reported. The roadways would be able to absorb solar energy, and would include LED lighting, heating elements, inductive charging capability for electric cars and the ability to manage stormwater.

The previous record for most individual contributions to one Indiegogo campaign was held by Mathew Inman and his effort to raise money for a Nokia Tesla museum. This project received 33,000 contributions.

The Brusaws said they were looking to create American jobs with the project rather than outsource and add manufacturing facilities in other countries, and that this would be able to provide thousands of jobs and help economies everywhere, Crowdfund Insider reported.

"We have a vision for the way our facilities will be - campus-like with a positive atmosphere," they said. "We want to use as many recycled materials as we can and keep our manufacturing process as green as possible. We could go on, but you get the picture. If we could raise enough funds here, we won't have to take on an investor and we won't have to worry about losing our focus. If you like our vision and want to help, we'd be honored to have you in our corner."

Most supporters have contributed under $100, with 11,000 pledging $10 or less. However, more than 6,000 people have pledged $50 or more, with seven contributions of $10,000 each, CNET reported.

There are still two days left for people to contribute to the campaign. This gives the project enough time to receive even more pledges.