'Any man can be a father but it takes a special person to be a dad.' The proverb fits a Wisconsin father who made his daughter a prom dress from scratch after she failed to find the 'perfect' one for herself.

David Herron, a former military man, happily agreed when his 17-year-old daughter Mariah Herron jokingly asked him if he would make her a prom dress. The Marshfield Senior High student initially struggled to get a budget-friendly dress made from camouflage fabric and was rather disappointed at the expensive prices. So she turned to her father for help.

 "When he said yes, I was surprised," Mariah told the Marshfield News Herald. As a former military man, Herron had sewn stripes on his uniform and hemmed his trousers. But, making an all new dress was new territory to him.

"(After) I decided to take on the challenge ...my next thought was: 'Oh God, what have I done?'," Herron said. His daughter wanted a corseted back but a woman at the fabric store told them it would be too complicated to make.

However, Herron went ahead and designed the dress exactly the way his daughter wanted. He bought the fabric worth $97 and began sewing it in the family room.

"My wife would periodically ask, 'Do you need help? We should probably call a professional' but I'm a perfectionist and wanted to do it myself," Mr Herron told Yahoo! Shine. "A few weeks in, she pulled me aside and said, 'Mariah's getting nervous.' I think everyone was."

Herron took nearly six weeks to complete his daughter's dream prom dress. He then gifted Mariah a strapless, black satin dress with a white and black camouflage print and a white underlayer with black tulle. The dress was adorned with a black satin bow and black ruffle and he lined the waistband with shotgun shells

Mariah obviously loved the dress and upon seeing the creation she couldn't resist asking her dad to make her a wedding dress too. "We'll see" was the humble reply she got from her dad.