Scrabble has asked fans to choose a new word that can be added to the official Scrabble dictionary, which will be a playable word from August.

Scrabble, the popular word search game, is updating its official player's dictionary for the first time in the last nine years. The creator of the game, Hasbro, will be adding thousands of new words to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary and is giving a chance to players to add a new word of their choice to the game. Scrabble is giving a fair chance to all its players through a contest announced on Facebook, Wednesday.

Scrabble Word Finder fans can send in their nominations by posting an unofficial word on the Hasbro Game Night Facebook page. The word with most likes will be nominated for a final round of voting. The contest runs through March 28, when Scrabble will stop taking new words consideration for its official dictionary.

Scrabble dictionary was last updated in 2005, and the upcoming edition will include new words that became popular after that period. For the fan favorite word, Scrabble will select 16 nominations, April 2, giving people a chance to vote for their favorite word.  The word with the maximum votes will be announced April 10 and be added to the new Scrabble dictionary, available in August.

"The SCRABBLE Word Showdown will let fans nominate and vote on words that are fun and relevant for today's players," Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of marketing at Hasbro, said in a press statement, released to Business Wire. "We are excited to see which word rises to the top and makes its way into The Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary."

The upcoming Scrabble dictionary is the fifth edition, following a tradition first started in 1978. The fourth edition was published by Hasbro and contained 4,000 new words, including additions like two-letter words "qi" and "za." As the current Facebook contest goes, words like "onesie," "ew," "zen," "OK," are players' favorites.  Once the updated dictionary is available in August, the digital versions on the Web through Facebook, Android and iOS will get the new words later this year.