On Thursday, Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) slammed President Joe Biden's voting rights effort. On the same day, Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-Ariz.) took to the House floor to deliver his statement.

Gallego spoke to his state's senior senator by name, which is no coincidence. Although the midterm elections are still 10 months away, some Arizona Democrats are already planning for Sinema's reelection in 2024. Gallego has been mentioned as a possible primary candidate to Sinema, especially given her refusal to modify Senate rules or abolish the filibuster, which has enraged progressives.

Sinema dooms Democrats' push to enact voting rights bill

Per POLITICO, Sinema's speech just contributed to the conflagration. The Primary Sinema PAC, which is committed to removing her from office in 2024, told Morning Score on Thursday that it was on track to have its best fundraising day ever, but a representative would specify how much money it earned following her speech.

Since its start at the end of September, the PAC has raised a total of $250,000, which it split initially with Score. Way to Win, a progressive donor group, gave Primary Sinema PAC an extra $400,000 in seed money. The PAC also produced a letter on Thursday, stating that Sinema's obstruction had "no excuse."

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's statement on Wednesday was notable for its timeliness, which set it apart from her prior demands for bipartisan action rather than unilateral rule changes. Sinema has frequently defended the Senate's 60-vote supermajority requirement for most bills to succeed, as per The Washington Post via MSN.

However, she gave her floor statement less than 45 minutes before President Biden arrived at the Democratic luncheon when he planned to ask all 50 members of the Democratic caucus to support modifying Senate rules only to allow voting rights legislation to succeed.

Sinema gave White House officials advance notice of what she would say in her speech, according to multiple sources, but she left her colleagues frustrated once again with her rationale for defending a Senate that they believe is broken to act as conservative legislatures manipulate voting rules across the country.

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Joe Manchin praises Kyrsten Sinema's filibuster stance

On Thursday, Manchin repeated his support for the filibuster, although he did so in a statement issued after lunchtime. Manchin and Sinema met with Biden for more than an hour at the White House late Thursday. Senator Kyrsten Sinema's choice to support the Senate filibuster rule, which would prevent her party from enacting a federal election reform measure, has generated uproar from liberals who accuse her of racism.

President Biden offered a racially harsh speech on Tuesday in an attempt to drum up support for suspending the filibuster. Sinema's reluctance to budge on her filibuster stance comes days after Biden gave a racially charged speech on Tuesday in an effort to bolster support for suspending the filibuster.

In his remarks, Biden accused people who oppose waiving the filibuster in order to pass the election reform measure of siding with renowned Democratic segregationists such as Bull Connor and George Wallace, Fox News reported.

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