Mike Pence's former press secretary, Alyssa Farah Griffin, recently weighed in on the possibility of the ex-vice president testifying in the Capitol riot investigation.

During a recent interview, Griffin said that she believes that Pence would agree to testify upon committee Rep. Bennie Thompson's request. However, the representative needs to subpoena the former vice president.

Mike Pence's former press secretary releases statement

After all, Griffin said that it's out of character for Pence to testify voluntarily because it would seem as though he's supporting the committee and not his fellow Republicans.

"Were he to go in in a voluntary capacity, I think it could be perceived as he was trying to help the committee. I think he wants to do what he's obligated to under the Constitution... but I think they're more likely to get information from him with a subpoena," Griffin said via the Huffington Post.

Griffin also said that the most explosive information from Pence during the Capitol riot was already submitted to investigators by his former chief of staff, Marc Short. The latter also spoke with House investigators.

Pence's former press secretary has also spoken with the Republican members of the committee and told them that she's willing to testify before the full panel.

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Bennie Thompson believes Trump put Pence in a tough spot

Last week, Thompson said that Donald Trump put Pence in a tough spot because he pressured him to break the law. However, Pence refused to follow Trump's demands not to certify the election results.

Thompson said that Pence's refusal to side with the ex-POTUS resulted in some Republicans threatening to kill him. This, among many other things, are just some of the reasons why the House select committee wants to hear Pence's accounts, according to USA Today.

Pence was whisked away by Capitol officers when Republicans flocked to the venue to try and stop the Senate from declaring Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.

Since the rioters were aware that Pence was still inside the US Capitol during the siege, some of them chanted for other Republicans to bring him out.

Capitol riot committee co-chair Liz Cheney called Pence a hero for his actions that day and said they are looking forward to continuing their relationship with the former vice president.

Mike Pence shouldn't be hailed a hero

Last year, CNN pointed out that Pence never really challenged Trump's false election result claims in public. He didn't also address the matter after certifying the results on Jan. 6.

Following the siege, he described the riot as tragic and said it deprived Americans of a substantive discussion in Congress about election integrity in the country.

A year later, Pence is still mum about the events during the Capitol riot. However, both Democrats and Republicans alike know that Trump was upset with his former vice president for not siding with him.

The ex-POTUS also showed support to the rioters that wanted to hang Pence by saying that he understood the remarks before they were angry, according to People.

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