The village called Centuripe in Italy was recently discovered to have a man-shaped that is something uncommon.

An old village located in Sicily gained notoriety after drone photography revealed its amazing shape. An aerial view has been used to take amazing photographs that are not limited to standing on the ground.

Italian village shaped like a man

The ancient town shaped that radiated in a five-point form that was like a man stretching out that marked its boundaries, reported the Daily Mail.

Based on aerial views that were all not equal, stretches on the side were four directions of varying lengths, but the middle distance was the shortest, looking like the head.

Photographer Pio Andrea Peri, 32, used a drone to take extraordinary pictures. He discovered the unique shape of the place after seeing it in Google, cited What's New 2Day.

Using a drone and flying it as high above the man-shaped town when the chance presented itself. The town is 40 miles from Enna, and he took the images at that location.

Peri said it was a labor to get the shots of the old village limitations on the high ceiling of the drone needed shots at several places away to piece together the image.

Leonardi Da Vinci's illustration

One of the images evoked by the town of Centuripe is like Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, or a swallow with spread-out wings and a five-point star. But the photographer was accused that it was a fake image due to the incredulous shape.

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No one could have imagined the final outcome would be what he is, even suggesting the author of the work used imaging tools to make it possible.

Later those who doubted him apologized and searched on Google Earth saw it was not a hoax, noted USA News Lab.

The photographer has to study the areas and the detail of the areas to get the shot, careful not to get pushed off by strong wind gusts that could be fatal for the best-angled shots.

Town in Sicily

An ancient town with 5000 residents whole locale is on a hilly area in Sicily in the province of Enna, close to the Famous Etna Volcano.

The mayor of the old Sicilian town thought the interest generated by the place and its aerial view led him to ask Peri to hold an exhibition of old Centuripe.

Pio said that many factors made it highly technical to make the final product, and the limits of his tool as well.

He added that it was 18 shots that had to be arranged by hand with post-production and two hours edit to get the image.

Located on a hill which is above sea level, that allows a flat lookout the view in the middle of Catania and Enna.

It is arranged like it was back in the 16th century, with alleyways that crisscrossed for animal carriages. From the top of the hilly town, Mount Etna is seen in a wide 360-degree view and called the balcony of Italy.

Centuripe is a point of interest in Italy due to its unique human shape. Peri is credited for inferencing and creating an amazing shot with drone photography.

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