Joe Biden's Build Back Better program includes a proposal for paid parental leave to benefit women in the workforce.

According to reports, millions of women left their jobs during the pandemic because they must tend to their sick loved ones. Even though their male counterparts are sometimes tasked with caring for their sick relatives, women still primarily do caregiving.

Women will return to the workforce with paid parental leave

VOX stressed the importance of passing the paid parental leave program as part of the Build Back Better bill because it will give women four weeks of paid family and sick leave. It will also serve as protection that millions of women in the United States do not currently have.

The publication believes that more women will return to work once they know that they are protected in times of need. But the program won't be launched until 2024.

However, the true challenge lies in having the paid parental leave program approved. Last week, it already passed the House of Representatives, but the bill still needs to go through the Senate.

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Sen. Joe Manchin thinks paid parental leave will result in fraud

Sen. Joe Manchin has been pushing back on paid parental leave. After all, he thinks it would entice fraud because some people could illegally obtain unemployment benefits.

Manchin also had reservations regarding the logistical burden that small businesses could face due to federal paid-leave legislation.

"To expand social programs when you have trust funds that aren't solvent, that are going insolvent - I can't explain that, it doesn't make sense to me. I want to work with everyone as long as we can start paying for things. That's all. I can't put this burden on my grandchildren," he said via Business Insider.

However, some people do not understand Manchin's refusal to support the bill when it's meant to boost an employee's morale to continue working.

Who is qualified for paid parental leave?

Not everyone will also be qualified for the program, so the senator doesn't have anything to worry about. Reports revealed that workers need to have made at least $2,000 over the two years before applying for paid leave.

The paid parental leave program also aims to provide financial support to those who were left of the existing Family and Medical Leave Act program, which allows employees to take unpaid leave.

Senate could approve the Build Back Better Act next month

According to JD Supra, the Senate will consider the Build Back Better Act in December after returning from the Thanksgiving holiday.

The Senate can make several adjustments to the bill to provide spending support on healthcare, education, child care, climate change, and energy incentives throughout ten years.

The Build Back Better bill will also cover the expansion of premium tax credit and cost-sharing subsidies, insulin coverage, development of open enrollment, expansion of non-emergency services, mental health parity penalties, prescription drug pricing, Medicare expansion, Medicaid, and more.

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