China calls Joe Biden's acknowledgment of Taiwan to attend a pro-Democracy Summit as a bad precedent that violates the One-China policy. It's a bit confusing why the US president will do a 360 after trying to get into Beijing's good side.

Taiwan got into the invited group of 109 states for the summit, which is a big deal for Taiwan.China was not given an invite by the unimportant organizers, except Taiwan will be in a group of independent states. The mainland government will take issue with Biden's action eventually.

One China policy

Despite the assertion by the Peoples Republic of China that Taipei is not independent, they are, when they fled the mainland after losing in the Chinese civil war, reported the Express UK.

President Xi Jinping says the island is under the control of separatists that will be resolved soon. Soon after the list of participants last Wednesday, Zhu Fenglian, the Taiwanese affairs spokesperson, called the list with the Republic of China a grave mistake, noted CNN.

Ms. Fenglian stated that any kind of interaction between the US and Taipei is not acceptable. Joe Biden knows this but decides to muddle what is considered all messes up: US and China relations. She added the One China policy is the cornerstone of Beijing's foreign policy regarding Taiwan.

The US leader knows that the PRC regards it as only China, not the ROC, which is common knowledge. China calls Joe Biden's acknowledgment of Taiwan as rather offensive to the mainland.

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Diplomatic ties with Beijing mean following the policy. Not to treat it arbitrarily, which the mainland government frowns on.

Taiwan not just a province of China

It seems that Biden has not acknowledged that Beijing is the only government of China; Taiwan is a province. Abiding and following this is the status quo for many countries.

Most nations and the US before the current White House have always engaged in strategic ambiguity; that keeps China satisfied about the status of Taiwan. The key to this is former presidents have not been as allegedly overt as Joe Biden, cited the BBC.

Taipei and London do interact together that will not violate the One China policy. They are supportive of activities that do not need statehood. This is what Government officials do to avoid conflict. The White House does support the policy.

He repeated the usual statement that the US is against any activity that would change the stability and security in the Taiwan Strait.

The Democracy Summit be on December 9-10 has three points that concern it to further its goals.

Spokesman of the Taiwan presidential office, Xavier Chang, thanks to Mr. Biden as their supporter to get the invitation.

He added that Taiwan would be like countries that believe in Democracy to human rights, and other aspects relevant to the goal.

PRC will not tolerate what Taiwan and the US are doing, flaunting the One-China policy; when the US President should temper foreign policy concerning the island.

China calls Joe Biden's acknowledgment that Taiwan is not acceptable, and it's a mistake. The White House is jockeying to have relevance, but this move might make the PRC more challenging if the US wants to mend ties.

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