Former President Donald Trump has proposed that a presidential cognitive test "should be enforced" in an apparent dig at his successor's mental acuity. On November 19, President Joe Biden had a medical checkup by his doctor Kevin O'Connor, who deemed him fit for duty.

According to CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, Biden did not undergo a mental abilities tests "as far as we know," referring to the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, a screening test for memory loss and dementia.

Biden did not take cognitive tests

During a Tuesday interview, Fox News host Sean Hannity mentioned how former President's physician, Ronny Jackson, stated Trump passed the exam. After that, Hannity questioned Trump whether he felt Biden was revealing indications of cognitive decline and if he should take the test.

Trump then veered off into a remark that the United States' global prestige had deteriorated under Biden's leadership as a result of the withdrawal of US soldiers from Afghanistan, a subject he brought up before in the conversation.

On Saturday, Biden turned 79, making him the all-time oldest first-term president. When Biden makes a misstep, conservative pundits ramp up their attack of his mental acuity. Per Newsweek via MSN, Hannity has questioned Biden's mental capacity on several occasions, describing his replies during a CNN Town Hall in July as "completely incomprehensible."

While Biden-bashing news sites and commentators are usually the ones to criticize the current president's mental state, doubts about his fitness for office are beginning to spread among the general population.

In his latest humiliating gaffe, Joe Biden awkwardly read an "end of the quote" prompt from his autocue. Just days before Thanksgiving, the president spoke to Americans about rising gas prices and the supply chain issue.

When he made the error, he was referring to a statement made by Walmart's CEO. The commander-in-chief, who is prone to gaffes, then continued his address. According to the New York Post, some social media users compared Biden to the fictional Ron Burgundy. In the film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, actor Will Ferrell plays San Diego anchorman Burgundy.

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President's gaffe triggered demands for his impeachment

He is well-known for delivering his talks verbatim from the autocue, including the prompts. Biden is known for his gaffes, and he has made numerous of those since taking office in January.

As the COP26 climate conference began in Glasgow, the president was captured on camera folding his arms and gradually sleeping asleep. Biden's eyelids closed for a few seconds before he awoke, but they did not close again before he awoke.

The president was then awakened by a guy in a suit who approached him. Before applauding the first speaker, Biden uncrossed his arms and listened to what the staff member had to say.

Biden "fell asleep" because he didn't want to hear any more about global warming, according to former President Donald Trump. Biden made the mistake of referring to Vladimir Putin as President Trump in June.

The president made the error when delving into the content of the long-awaited conference. He promptly rectified himself before continuing to speak on the four-hour meeting's topics.

Biden appeared to mix up Syria and Libya when speaking at the G7 conference in Cornwall just days before his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. Biden stated that the United States and Russia may collaborate in giving help to Libya.

Biden was also filmed falling over the stairs of Air Force One in an embarrassing gaffe in March. He tripped three times before swiftly regaining his balance as he marched up the stairwell, saluting before boarding the enormous plane. Biden's misstep triggered demands for his impeachment, with detractors claiming he was "unfit" for office," as per The Sun.

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