US warship stokes tensions in the Taiwan Strait with China, calling it another of President Joe Biden's attempts to posture in the Indo-Pacific. The US proclaimed it would defend Taiwan if the PLA attacks only ramped up the powder keg more.

The USS Milius passed the narrow Taiwan Strait that Beijing said the US Navy provoked the PLA. Chinese said they do what it takes.

It is one of the most loaded waterways globally where two forces might start the next world war. Except the US has its allies to take the brunt of a deadly PLA attack.

US Navy destroyer intrudes Taiwan strait

Last Tuesday, the Peoples Liberation Army Navy reported intrusion of the USS Milius, an Arleigh-Burke guided-missile destroyer that is deemed a threat to the peace in the region, according to the Express UK.

Mainland regime is not exactly happy about the freedom of navigation operations (FONOPS) in claimed waters that would be stopped to defend the territory held by the Peoples Republic of China, said the military spokesman.

The Milius is doing the usual FONOPs as a routine of the USN, but Beijing says that Washington is slyly causing tensions in the region. This action only jeopardizes its allies in the area.

According to official sources, the US Navy destroyer was sailing in international waters following international law, cited Wion.

A month ago, the Chinese forces sent a protest that called the sailing of a US and Canadian ship in the strait, doing precisely what the US destroyer has done to bother the peace in the Indo-Pacific.

The island Republic of China (ROC) is a part of the Peoples Republic of China, wherein the Peoples Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has been into the air defense identification zone (ADIZ) in the past year. One US Warship stokes tensions in the Taiwan Strait again, which is getting dangerously explosive.

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In the past year, mounting threats from Beijing have made Taipei furious over the impunity; the aircraft commits mounting numbers of sorties, noted the BBC.

The One China policy

Taiwan has no formal ties with the US, as with other countries though it does not seem to be a problem for the Americans. They are the suppliers of arms and its big brother against Beijing.

Washington's interference in the dynamic of China and Taiwan has made Chinese officials very agitated, especially if President Tsai Ing-wen is defiant and insists on independence from the mainland.

Each month a US navy ship was passing and said it's legally done according to international law. Other allies would sail the strait, like Royal Navy's HMS Richmond, a frigate that came in September.

US allies occasionally also send ships through the strait, including the British frigate HMS Richmond in September. China and the west are not on good terms, with the island as the flashpoint waiting to explode.

Australia is joining the fray, which is not easing tension; at one point, they were asked if they wanted to be cannon fodder by a Chinese official. Another US Warship stokes tensions in the Taiwan Strait, which is not getting any better; experts say China can retake the island and crush US military might. This pivot to Asia is said to be from the fall of Kabul.

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