The Royal Family's lawyers are preparing to sue the BBC over a shocking documentary that will air tonight. The Queen has joined Princes Charles and William in warning the BBC that they may cut off all ties with it.

According to reports last night, the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William have banded together to complain to the BBC about a new documentary. 'The Princes and the Press,' which aired Monday night, was dubbed "tittle-tattle" by senior royal insiders.

Royal family may boycott BBC

Meghan Markle's father, Thomas Markle, 76, said his family was "embarrassed" by Meghan's appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show and that the issue has left the 95-year-old monarch "upset."

For the first time, they are planning to file a complaint with regulator Ofcom as a group. Despite demands, the BBC declined to air the two-part documentary 'The Princes and the Press' to the Royal Family.

The royals' right to respond is also claimed to have been denied by the broadcaster, amid reports that the series would imply that feuding siblings Princes William and Harry encouraged courtiers to spread false information about each other in the press. If the statements are not deleted, senior palace insiders suggest the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William may impose a boycott on the national broadcaster.

Amol Rajan, a 38-year-old anti-monarchist broadcaster, hosts the BBC2 show. Last night, top royals put attorneys on high alert, according to The Sun. "Nothing is ruled out," a top royal insider claimed.

Senior royals were told they may sue Netflix over their representation in The Crown, according to The Sun on Sunday last week. TV insiders said BBC standards mandate that news and current affairs films provide proper rights of reply.

Following a dispute over a new BBC documentary, insiders emphasized that Prince William's aides did not brief against his brother Harry during the Megxit affair. Prior to a documentary exposing the brothers' tumultuous relationship with the media, royal sources claimed Prince William and Prince Harry were involved in a briefing war.

Per Daily Mail, the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William are said to have banded together to protest to the BBC and threaten a boycott of future BBC programs unless the Palace is given the opportunity to react to potentially damaging charges.

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Prince Harry, Prince William allegedly plant smears to each other in media

The Princes And The Press, a BBC2 documentary airing tonight at 9:00 p.m., explores coverage of the brothers in British tabloids, including Harry's connection with Meghan Markle and the couple's decision to step down from royal responsibilities and relocate to the United States.

The two-part documentary has not been shown to courtiers, but insiders informed the Mail on Sunday that it will contain charges that William and Harry - or their advisers - briefed against each other.

The documentary was dubbed "tittle-tattle" by a senior royal source, who informed the newspaper that the Queen was "upset" at the controversy. Insiders at Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, and Clarence House were claimed to be particularly enraged that they were denied access to the event or the opportunity to reply to any such allegations.

Any idea that royal advisers working for William and Harry were at the center of a briefing battle during the Megxit debacle was promptly debunked, according to sources.

Despite the Duke and Duchess of Sussex delivering an explosive interview to television broadcaster Oprah Winfrey, senior royal advisers repeatedly refused to be pulled into a public war of words, according to insiders.

Last night, royal sources made it plain that neither the broadcaster nor the show creators wanted to be censored. However, all three royal households agreed that they should have been given the opportunity to respond. According to BBC policy, all news and current affairs films must provide a right of comment when applicable.

The BBC and the palace attorneys have spoken back and forth. The BBC is reportedly refusing to give palace officials a sneak peek at the documentary. The BBC has also rejected down requests to interview Rajan and the series' creators, as well as making previews accessible to the press.

'The Princes and the Press' is an 80-hour documentary that examines the princes' relationship with the media over the last three decades, featuring interviews with royal journalists, as per The Times.

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