A family in Long Island, New York, is suing a funeral parlor for allegedly burying the wrong body in their mother's grave. The 11 children of Sadie Williams, who died on August 17, are suing Joseph A. Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home in Amityville for $88 million.

The complaint was filed in Queens on Thursday. According to two of the siblings, they alerted the funeral director that the body they were shown was not their mother. Insider reached out to the Joseph A. Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home for comment, but they did not answer right away. Lee claimed he received a phone call from the funeral director three days after Williams' service, saying they were correct all along.

Burial blunder in New York

In line with Muslim practice, Williams' body was meant to be buried within 72 hours, according to CBS New York. It's been 22 days since the burial. Burial blunders have also made news in the United Kingdom. This month, a family was outraged and frightened when their parents' cemetery was accidentally dug up and used to bury another person.

Hospital officials in Carlisle, England, initiated an inquiry in August 2020 after a mix-up with remains resulted in a family holding a burial ceremony for the wrong individual. According to NBC New York, Williams' daughters hired the funeral home to perform a traditional Muslim service for their mother, which typically means the family has three days after the deceased's death to bury them.

Williams' daughter Salimah Lee saw the body the day before her mother's burial and informed funeral home director Joseph Slinger that it was not her mother's body, to which Slinger replied that it was. According to Lee, Slinger indicated that the embalming fluid changed Williams' appearance.

The complaint obtained by NBC said after the family had the burial on August 20, Williams' body was left "abandoned" at the funeral home's morgue. The day following the funeral, Slinger phoned the family to inform them of the mix-up, stating that the other corpse would be excavated and Williams would be buried.

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Man sexually assaulted a woman sleeping in her boyfriend's car

Meanwhile, New York City police published a video showing a man sliding into a running automobile occupied by a sleeping woman and driving it a mile away to abuse her. The horrifying moment the guy climbs into the driver's seat of the parked car at Wyckoff and Gates avenues in Brooklyn after hovering around to check the victim was alone is captured on surveillance tape.

The woman's 26-year-old boyfriend allegedly left the automobile running around 4 am on November 7 as his girlfriend slept in the passenger seat, according to police. The unnamed predator took advantage of the situation when the boyfriend went away and stole the vehicle.

He drove it to Queens, where he parked it near Suydam Street and Onderdonk Avenue, then slipped his hands down the woman's trousers and kissed her, according to police. Authorities he fled after the scared lady awoke and yelled. It's the latest in a run of seemingly random crimes in New York City, which is dealing with an uptick in visible, violent crime. Authorities said he fled after the scared lady awoke and yelled.

It's the latest in a run of seemingly random crimes in New York City, which is dealing with an uptick in visible, violent crime. Overall crime increased 11.2 percent last month compared to October 2020, according to the NYPD's newest monthly statistics. Robbery increased by 15.8%, while criminal assault increased by 13.8 percent.

A guy was stabbed to death on a subway vehicle at Penn Station on Saturday, just hours after another person was slashed in Greenwich Village. In two separate instances in the Bronx, police are looking for a gang of four New York youths who shot two persons in the face with pellets with a BB gun, as per Daily Mail.

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