Joe Biden goes mask-less in public with video recording as proof that rules on mask protocols are arbitrary, according to critics. This has been the critique of conservatives who are more than not called out for not wearing a mask.

Once again, the US president is on the hot seat for not observing social distancing and removing the mask but wearing it for a fan photo op. This behavior did not sound good for many on the other side of the fence and called it a double standard.

Biden violates mask mandates

The president visited Detroit, Michigan, to push the infrastructure bill via a speech to convince the locals it is not malarkey and comes with benefits, reported the Express UK.

All was okay until he violated mask protocols which are crucial to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which biased media would scathe others like the GOP and non-Democrat supporters.

There are two sides to the issue: masks are only for a show with another opinion saying the other person was not wearing one either.

At one point, the president forgot to keep the mask on and was close to others' faces while going towards a masked group. A woman asked for a selfie with the US leader, that's when he decided to wear his mask without removing it. Others might be thinking, how did Joe Biden get away with it when he goes mask-less.

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Biden criticized for not following mask protocols

A Twitter user commented that no one is surprised by what happened because the Democrats can get away with it. The messaging comes across as wrong for conservatives, noted the Rexoxer.

Another comment said, most likely Democrat supported, the GOP does not even wear a mask during the congress. Other Twitter users wrote 'optic,' one world but have a lot of weight in it, with one more user asking, did he get tired of the fake rules too?

Biden had enforced the nationwide mask mandate a year ago when the pandemic was terrible, and it is strictly observed in states that encouraged it. Everyone should strictly follow these rules in public spaces.

Several times he has been criticized for doing what the mandate dictates and how it is followed. The rules are loosely followed.

Last October, while visiting New Jersey, the president coughed and covered it with his hand while not wearing a mask. Then, he later shook hands with people. A week ago, Mr. Biden had misplaced his mask and spent time searching for it with his aides, cited News Flash.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas acquired COVID-19 earlier, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki later got it as well.

On one of the presidential trips to Detroit, the video caught him missing a cue to step on a mark that he missed totally. Handlers had to assist in correcting him; with person touring, the group was surprised by what he saw. One overheard the president was supposed to follow instructions.

Another blunder is when Biden drove an electric vehicle, and the car's wheels were spinning fast. It looked like his foot was on the accelerator. Joe Biden goes mask-less against his mandates that some say is dependent, not general in its application, as this bothers many with the gaffes passed over by the biased media.

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