Joe Biden's abandonment of Britain in negotiations with the EU takes an abrupt turn by advising UK PM Boris Johnson to reconsider actions regarding the North Ireland Protocol. Once again, the US leader's intervention is another appeasement that has affected one of its closest allies in Europe.

Recently Washington said that the AUKUS deal had caused more trouble in the G20 and COP 26 that placed Aussie PM Scott Morrison on bad terms with France and other EU nations.

Macron was also supported in the fishing dispute with the UK, capping off several times US allies were figuratively thrown on the wayside to make good points allegedly.

EU at odds with Brexit over Northern Ireland

Washington's interference with Brexit shows that its meddling is a grave mistake, saying it can cause instability in the negotiations over North Ireland. An expert says that it is not impossible Downing Street will not tolerate Biden's attitude towards Britain, according to Express UK.

The US Government's Foreign Affairs Committee website released a statement that was not favorable to London. It read that the UK's warning to suspend the agreement with the EU concerning North Ireland.

The US Foreign committee added that the UK should not negate the protocol while in the Brexit negotiation. A case in point is Washington expressly siding with the EU on the matter, and all called the UK disruptive to the island of Ireland, cites iNews.

The Good Friday Agreement

This deal and the broader peace process was a lengthy exercise that built up between the US and the island of Northern Ireland, the UK, Ireland, and other players to implement it. It reflects Joe Biden's abandonment of Britain and favoring the EU in the North Ireland Protocol.

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Washington bluntly said the United Kingdom could not activate Article 16 of the Irish protocol, and they are against it. And forcing PM Johnson to commit to the agreement with the EU even if hesitant. Biden was criticized earlier for intervening in purely Brexit and EU affairs when he lost Afghanistan, which also bred dissension via the AUKUS deal.

Professor Rob Singh from the University of London at Birkbeck, who knows US foreign policy and politics, said Northern Ireland is important to the US administration.

He alleged that Biden is not against the Britons, mentioning that as a senator, he was on the UK's side during the Falklands wars circa 1982.

Several US politicians favor the Good Friday Agreement that includes both Democrats and Republicans in the upper and lower houses. They will not allow Downing Street to do otherwise.

Lord David Frost, Brexit secretary, has given a prior warning to the EU that Article 16 could be enacted if the talks would slow down further. In this case, the US has not agreed to activate the initiative. He spoke to the House of Lords and asked the European Union's representatives not to blow things out of proportion.

This move got Chancellor Rishi Sunak's backing and stressed it's just a safety mechanism to avoid a trade war with the EU.

A report by the Independent recalled the EU was thinking of ending the North Ireland Protocol when Commissioner Vice-President Maros Sefcovic said the UK might trigger Article 16 and renegotiate.

Washington supported the North Ireland dispute, said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, against the enactment of Article 16.

This would leave PM Boris Johnson shut out and Joe Biden's abandonment of Britain regarding the North Ireland Protocol. It is another low point of the supposed special relationship that might affect the two countries' future.

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