The final Child Tax Credit payment for 2021 is due in less than a month. Another $15 billion will be distributed to around 36 million people, marking one of the federal government's most dramatic reactions to the financial harm caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

This time, though, not every stimulus check will be the same. In December, some people may get a large stimulus check to make up for money due to them. Others are opting out of the six-check series entirely. The IRS child tax portal, in particular, is critical to all of this.

Some people were still waiting for their Child Tax Credit payments as late as this month. Remember, all of this stems from the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill passed earlier this year. They also offered a few hundred dollars extra each month for families with qualifying children, according to BGR.

First, here are some background information. By the end of 2021, six of those checks will have been written. Starting on July 15 and concluding on December 15, one will be released each month. There's a potential that these monthly payments will be extended for another year.

That's because President Joe Biden's $1.75 trillion Build Back Better Act was ultimately passed by Democrats in the US House of Representatives on Friday. The package now proceeds to the Senate, where it currently includes a one-year extension of the Child Tax Credit expansion.

However, there's no assurance that the extension will survive the Senate battle that's about to begin. Many components of Biden's big-spending plans have been vehemently rejected by two Democrats in particular, Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema and West Virginia's Joe Manchin.

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Stimulus checks for babies

Per Digital Market News, families who have recently received newborns can rejoice, according to a recent announcement. They will receive a stimulus check to help with their baby's expenses.

If you have a new guest in 2021, keep an eye out for money. Newborn stimulus checks have been approved by the federal government. They announced that babies born this year will be given a $1400 stimulus payment. However, there are a few things to consider before applying.

To be eligible for the check, a person must earn at least $75,000. If you make more than $80000, you will not be eligible for benefits. A couple's top limit is $160,000. This news, on the other hand, has put a smile back on many people's faces. They will be able to meet the costs of their newborn thanks to the stimulus check.

Stimulus checks for workers

Meanwhile, depending on their place of residency, Americans who perform specific jobs may receive a surprise stimulus payment in the coming months. While another stimulus check from the federal government is unlikely this year, several states have their own schemes to distribute cash to citizens, as per The Sun.

Many states are handing this additional money to teachers and school employees as a way of thanking them for their efforts throughout the pandemic. Teachers and principals in Florida will get $1,000 stimulus checks as a kind of hazard pay for their dedication to educating students amid the current pandemic.

To earn a stimulus payment in Arizona, all you have to do is return to work in any industry. Those who return to work part-time are entitled for a $1,000 bonus under the state's returning to work program.

Those who return to full-time employment may be eligible for a $2,000 payment. Tennessee lawmakers enacted legislation earlier this year to provide full-time public school employees a $1,000 bonus check and part-time public school employees a $500 payment.

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