During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of Americans got stimulus checks, and more might be expecting surprise payments next year. You are eligible for the funding regardless of where you live.

If you were one of the almost 9 million Americans who were overseas during the pandemic, you may not be aware that you might be eligible for unclaimed stimulus payments next year. Stimulus checks were provided in three batches, each worth up to $1,200, $600, and $1,400, to help those who were struggling financially because of the outbreak.

Who's eligible for $3,200 stimulus check?

Even if you haven't lived in the United States for a long time, you must still file a tax return and disclose earned income. As a result, depending on your tax filing status and income, you might get all three stimulus payments when you file your 2021 tax return, totalling roughly $3,200, The Sun reported.

Additionally, people who were overseas at the time of the pandemic may be entitled to Child Tax Credit payments. You may check if you're qualified and what actions you need to do to obtain your funds using the IRS's Get My Payment tool.

To be eligible for stimulus check payments, you must fulfill certain income requirements. To be eligible, you must generally submit a US tax return.

Individuals earning up to $75,000 who file their taxes as individuals, as well as couples earning up to $150,000, are eligible. However, depending on how many family members filers have, the actual stimulus payment amounts may differ.

Per Digital Market News, the online petition to get a fourth stimulus check is still going strong, with over 3 million signatures. The repercussions of the pandemic and associated economic collapse are still being felt by vast segments of the population in the United States.

The rising pace of inflation has made it difficult for low-wage employees and older folks to meet their basic needs. They've had to fail on their rent and utilities obligations. Inflation is also at its highest level in more than three decades. The rise in the Cost Of Living Index (COLA) is the largest in over four decades.

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$1,400 stimulus check for senior citizens

The 5.9% increase in social security benefits for seniors have been offset by rising inflation and increasing Medicare costs. Because of the nominal rise in social security, some seniors have been forced into a higher income tax category.

The $92 stimulus payment will just add to their costs. The Senior Citizen League feels that a $1,400 stimulus check will be extremely beneficial to them. Over 86 percent of seniors who get benefits thought that a 1.3 percent increase last year would not be enough to cover the substantial increase in costs in 2021.

Seniors have been forced to rely on their modest resources, with the majority of them have used up their final savings. Others have been compelled to consume only one meal a day and reduce their prescription medication intake.

The $1,400 petition from elderly citizens will help to balance the increase in Part B of Medicare as well as the higher tax rate into which seniors have been forced. If enacted, the overall cost of the stimulus checks for seniors would be $90 billion, which would offer a $1,400 stimulus payment to 64 million social security users.

Because the Biden administration is focusing on infrastructure and social expenditure initiatives, there are limited possibilities of a stimulus check being released in 2021.

Who may get $1,800 stimulus payment in Child tax Credit?

Millions of Americans may be wondering, "Where did my stimulus check go?" Given that the IRS has just sent out a new wave of Child Tax Credit payments, it's a good time to say "right now." The fresh stimulus checks were issued on Monday, November 15, with the majority of them being sent out as electronic bank deposits.

However, a portion of the $15 billion in tax refunds that the IRS recently mailed to 36 million people came in the form of paper checks. In 2021, there will be another batch of similar payments. There's also a method for select families to win a hefty reward of up to $1,800 in the near future.

The stimulus payments that were mailed out on Monday are placing up to $300 in the bank accounts of millions of parents for the second time. This will happen again in less than a month, on December 15. It's also possible that Democrats may extend the Child Tax Credit boost until 2022. However, no one thinks a fourth stimulus check has a realistic prospect of being implemented, at least for the time being.

Meanwhile, there's good news if you haven't received your Child Tax Credit payments. If you signed up by Monday via the IRS's Child Tax Credit Update Portal? Instead of receiving the regular-amount Child Tax Credit in December, you'll receive a super-sized one. To cover all of the Child Tax Credit checks that have been issued this year, it might cost as much as $1,800 as a catch-up payment, as per BGR.

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