Kevin Durant has so much respect for Stephen Curry. Even though the former Golden State Warriors teammates are now competing against each other, Durant is still rooting for Curry.

Following this week's game that saw the Golden State Warriors beating the Brooklyn Nets with a score of 117 to 99, Durant said that Curry has all the makings of this season's MVP.

"I've been saying that since he came into the league; just a crafty player that can pretty much do anything off the ball, that can cut to the rim, shoot floaters, shoot threes, and then he can handle the basketball too, and get down to his spot. That's what you get every night [from] a player like that playing at an MVP, Hall of Fame level," Durant said via CNN.

Curry managed to score a massive 37 points throughout Tuesday's game, and his supporters couldn't help but chant "MVP" from the sidelines. Durant, on the other hand, only scored 19 points for his team.

Brooklyn Nets needs to exert more effort to get an NBA title

Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash urges the team to exert more effort to ensure that they will get an NBA title. Nash said he doesn't think his team is already in that category because they still have a lot to do.

The head coach also said that the group should try their best to improve together and overcome some of their deficiencies by the end of the year.

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Stephen Curry's performance was off the charts this week

According to the NBA, with just over five minutes remaining in the game, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr called for a timeout because he wanted Curry out of the court.

Right before the athlete exited the game, he threw another shot that went straight into the hoop. This didn't give the Golden State Warriors additional points, but it left the crowds cheering wildly.

After the game, Curry said that he and his teammates wanted to beat the Brooklyn Nets, and that's exactly what they did. Even though it's not the playoffs, the intensity was off the charts.

Curry also said that he decided to lock in and stay focused, knowing that there were other talented players in the court trying to beat him.

Stephen Curry used to give way to Kevin Durant

According to Bleacher Report, Tuesday's game might have been challenging for Durant. After all, it served as a reminder that when he and Curry were still teammates, he had one of the best seats in the house for 16 games.

Durant was also at the receiving end of Curry's unselfishness. After the former joined the Golden State Warriors ahead of the 2016-2017 season, Curry was already coming off his second MVP win.

Curry allowed Durant to take center stage throughout most of the games that they played together. And he quietly played through comments saying that Durant was the best member of the Golden State Warriors.

Even Kerr said that Durant is the best and most skilled player in the world. But all this changed on Tuesday night.

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