The development of China's DF-100 anti-ship missiles that boast an impressive range remains unverified, which is no comfort for the US military. If it does as advertised, it will end up like a turkey shoot with a horrible tonnage of US ships sunk even before making a shot.

Due to this fact, the US forces have chosen to spread out their forces to avoid a clumped target, but it still does not ensure success.

China's DF-100 anti-ship missile capabilities threaten the US

Development of the DF-100 ship-killer with its supersonic speed and long-distance range has made it a threat to shipping close enough to take out, reports the Nationalist interest.

The kill zone is a no man's land dictated by the anti-access and area denial concept that will keep even the vaunted US navy at arm's length, leaving acres of ocean free of a carrier strike group deadly package of strike planes.

On October 1, 2019, the People's Liberation army showed what it could do. America took the Asian sleeping giant for granted, and now it's a thorn on its side. It shows how Beijing likes to make a big show of its arms, letting the west panic as its somewhat hobby.

The Biden administration wants to make the world believe it can handle China. But for every new military hardware developed only shows China's DF-100 anti-ship missiles is monstrous capability.

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PLA's new DF-100 missile could be cruise or ballistic

Military parades of Beijing, mobile launchers are bearing the DF-17 and DF-100 missiles that fly at ultra-fast speeds, according to The Diplomat. They were part of a parade to show the achievements of the People's Republic of China.

It seems that the PRC does not always reveal its hand in its arms; for example, the DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile was known to the west for a while, cited Missile Threat CSIS.

Most foreign intel got their eyes peeled about China but does keep quiet to protect their sources in China. According to Janes, the DF-100 is a supersonic cruise missile, but some argue it can be called an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). But another idea is that it can also skim the ocean, but no one has verified its actual fight path.

Another suggestion about this ship-killer touted as an aircraft carrier buster is a strategy to augment other missiles in the PLA's arsenal. They are all dedicated to stopping a US naval ship. Also, the DF-100 might be hypersonic at one stage of its flight.

One Chinese paper revealed something more about the ship-killer missiles, stating it has a range of 2,000 to 3,000-kilometers that is perfect for large targets like carriers, transports, and all the escort ships sailing in the vast ocean. US strategy relies heavily upon getting this hardware in striking distance, but the advent of long-range rocketry is not an empty threat.

Many would quip that the sensors and targeting systems would be up to par, but the PLA is advancing faster than thought, and the US may not be as secure. Can the US navy breach the vast distances covered by China's DF-100 anti-ship missiles in its A2/AD bubble? So far, that's a big negative, but a loss of major tonnage in the Indo-Pacific due to such weaponry is not a joke.

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