Experts say that weaponized drones will be worse than jumbo jets hitting buildings during 9/11. Instead, it will be unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) attacking the US with bombs and even nerve gas.

The use of the drone will be the next wave, and the terrorist has found it a fit, with the ability to attack remotely. Some advanced UAVs can even hunt down targets with their basic AI, making it easy to attack and kill targets anywhere.

UAVs could attack similar to 9/11 jets

Terrorist attacks of 9/11 are easier to deal with even if the next big one to hit a country can be anywhere, said a top military official, reports the Sun UK.

This unnamed military source stated that a small drone is portable and can be hidden by terrorists until needed. Next is easy to use will descend into a terrible lethality.

He mentioned to Newsweek that having several portable UAVS and slap a bomb to it, and let it rip and fly into the crowd. A boom and several dead people would follow next. Should this scenario play out, it will be wrong for everyone involved not to expect anything?

A weaponize drone attack is similar to the Kamikaze mission of the losing Japanese in WWII, in the age of AI and drone technology has made it a more ominous threat from a bomb or nerve gas. Compared to passenger airlines diving down.

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A book by Tom Clancy, a 1994 fictional thriller, describes how a commandeered jet was used to destroy the US capital. But on September 11, the terror attacks with planes raining down shocked the US and the world.

The source added that the threat is unidentified, but the sale of small, portable UAVs that terrorists can weaponize is a potential consideration to keep in mind.

Terror group's easy access to UAVs pose a threat

After 9/11, the manufacture of commercial UAVs is getting more affordable and cheaper than before, but with relatively good artificial intelligence. In the hands of ISIS or any terror group, it becomes a tool for mayhem and chaos. But Israeli security officials remarked that UAVs could be weaponized, even if the 9/11 level of destruction is not happening yet. This remote technology is also new.

Though these UAVs are not able to pack that much explosive, that matters. But the actors will add an enormous blast for effect and shock terror.

A weekend ago, the Iraqi Prime Minister's residence had figured in an attempt to kill him with three drones with explosives. But Kadhimi survived the UAV attacks, cites Reuters.

Threats that are keeping world leaders on their toes

Way back in 2018, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro lived through two UAVs attacking with explosives and got away. Last February, the Houthi who Iran backs had launched a bomb attack on a Saudi airport with UAVs.

Later the insurgents broadcast their handiwork, which was verified by Yehia Sarai, the military representative who said it was four drones with bombs to blow up the Abha airport. He added that the attack was in response to the siege of their nations.

These weaponized drones have become the newest threats. Whether a bomb or nerve gas using the UAV like a kamikaze is not a good thing to go through. In the US or the west, the dangers are unseen.

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