An ancient Greek shipwreck of 2,500 years old was discovered close to Kythera Island in Greece was found while a marine survey was underway.

The ship was relatively intact when the marines found it. Artifacts that added to the excitement of seeing more than a millennia-old specimen.

Old and intact ships lying in the Aegean seas depths are not an everyday find for archeology, which adds to the history connected to Greek history. An Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) reported the discovery last Thursday. 

Wreck found by accident

In 2019, a survey of the seas by the IPTO had stumbled on countless amphora jars, which littered the ocean floor like bread crumbs that led to the cargo ship, reported the Daily Mail.

The Greeks traded jars called Amphora with two handles and a long neck, which are valuable artifacts.

The ship sunk 728 feet under the sea, with its remains located between Neapolis and Kythera. This goes to show that trade existed in the area about 2,500 years back.

On the ship's ancient deck is the jar from surrounding islands in Greece, like Corfu, Skopelos, and Chios engaging mercantile activities way back cites Universal Personality.

Expedition to explore the ship

The Hellenic Center for Marine Research used the 'Aegean' with a remotely controlled submarine vehicle called the Max Rover. A DSV minisub used to see the ancient Grecian shipwreck 2,500 years old lying in the dark depths.

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Utilizing the deep-diving sea rover, the scientist saw clay vessels from Chios, several pithos, and table vessels with an amphora for a table that they found. Other stuff they found is a fish panel, also dual skyphids where the ship lay.

Part of the project is producing a 3-Dimensional image of the sunken ship. The expedition team will use the image to know how much cargo has not been displaced over the centuries.

In 2018, another sunken Grecian vessel was discovered in the Black Sea's depths and was intact despite being the oldest shipwreck in that ocean, noted the BBC.

The ship is a 75-footer, Greek trading vessel with the mast, rudders, and rowing benches intact over twenty-five centuries under the Aegean sea.

A sea graveyard of ships

The ancient boat had gone in a notorious last resting place of ships, where 60 other sunken wrecks are situated in a mile of water.

In 2017, the explorers were able to find another ship that is confirmed as the oldest wreck, more than 2,500 years old! The ship's design was first seen in the Siren Vase, kept in a British institution.

Scholars who saw the ship lying under 1.3-mile are a clue of the Greek story of Odysseus, who was tied to the mast.

Most ancient Grecian wrecks are found in pieces, with some about thirty centuries old. The ship at Kythera is the one intact shipwreck found so far.

Those studying ancient sea routes say they found gave an idea of the sea route of Greek trade vessels then, with raiding on the side.

The Ancient Grecian shipwreck 2,500 years old could have been from the old settlement on the coast of Bulgaria and went down in a storm.

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