After hearing his son Prince William speak up about his ambitions for his royal inheritance, Prince Charles acknowledged he was "reduced to tears."

In the 2019 documentary 'Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall,' the Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to the throne, discusses the matter. After hearing his son Prince William speak up about his ambitions for his royal inheritance, Prince Charles acknowledged he was moved to tears.

Per Mirror, the Duke of Cambridge made his father proud once again on Sunday at the inaugural Earthshot Prize ceremony, which he established to inspire inventive ideas for saving the world.

Prince Charles, Prince William's bond 

The Earthshot prize will be awarded to five persons each year until 2030, honoring those who have devised strategies to assist in mitigating the consequences of climate change. Each winner will get a $1.39 million award to further their initiatives. Prince Charles expressed his appreciation for his eldest son before the event.

The family's strong ties have been questioned in recent years, after Prince Andrew's connection with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein being brought into question and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's decision to leave the royal family. However, it is said that the recent turmoil has brought Prince Charles and Prince William closer together.

After speaking out in a documentary about the significance of inheritance and royal succession, the Duke of Cambridge "reduced" his father to tears. The Royal Family has had a difficult time in recent years, with Prince Andrew being embroiled in a civil court action in New York, as per

Since leaving the Royal Family in 2020, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have had a strained relationship with the Firm.

Despite the turmoil, Prince Charles and Prince William's bond is said to have grown. In the last 18 months, William has taken on a more prominent position in the Firm, and he was the first member of the Royal Family to speak out against the coronavirus amid April of last year, emphasizing that Britain was "at its best" in a crisis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are regarded as critical to the Royal Family's continued relevance among younger generations.

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Is Prince Charles singling out Prince William?

According to a royal expert, Prince Charles has "overlooked" his youngest son Prince Harry while "singling out" Prince William.

A commentator has revealed how the Prince of Wales "ignored" the Duke of Sussex when he turned to social media to express his joy in his oldest son ahead of the Duke of Cambridge's Earthshot Prize awards event on Sunday.

However, the royal expert believes that, given the amount of environmental work Prince Harry has done over the years, Prince Charles should have recognized him as well.

As he promoted a new documentary, Prince Charles explained how his eldest grandson Prince George is well-versed in climate change and its effects throughout the world.

The 72-year-old is featured in 'COP26: In Your Hands,' a new one-off Sky Kids Original documentary that depicts the effects of global warming throughout the world.

As the Prince of Wales presents the documentary, which also includes Prime Minister Boris Johnson's commentary, he reveals that his eight-year-old grandson has been learning everything about climate change's devastating consequences.

In the clip, Prince Charles claims that George is aware that global warming is causing "the big storms, the floods, the droughts, fires, and food shortages," admitting that "people had no knowledge about the damage they were doing" when he was his grandson's age, OK! Magazine reported.

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