I-TEAM met with an Ohio man who is making a stir around the area by standing on corners with a placard claiming to have fake vaccine cards.

A man was spotted near West 117th Street in Cleveland, and I-TEAM confronted him about his offer. It is unlawful to possess fake ID cards to deceive individuals into believing they have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

Ohio resident holds sign "fake COVID vaccine card here" in public

"I'm not doing anything illegal," the man told Fox8 when confronted. You're making an assumption." They informed him that he was holding a sign that said, "fake vaccine cards here," so they weren't presuming anything.

As the I-TEAM investigated, Cleveland police arrived. An officer informed the man on the corner that they had received several calls regarding the incident.

According to Fox8, the individual sets up political signs and flags all over the region in an attempt to persuade people that the COVID-19 vaccination is unsafe.

But what about his fake vaccination cards? A little business card was provided by the Ohio man. "Vaccination card," states one side. The other has a curse word slur as well as a link to a website. When the I-Team went to the website, they discovered a political action website. There was no crime because no cards were for sale, according to the cops.

Since vaccines became more widespread throughout the world, travelers using fake COVID-19 vaccine cards have made news, from a woman in Hawaii who had Moderna misspelled on her card to two travelers who attempted to enter Canada with fakes.

The Washington Post stated that the majority of travel advisers have not had any customers inform them they wish to use, or are using, fake vaccination cards to travel.

Stephanie Fisher, a travel consultant at the Ocean Reef Club, said she has been approached by three persons who have inquired about the use of fake COVID-19 vaccine cards. She turned down their requests to plan their vacations.

Multiple customers informed her they were buying fake cards or borrowing real cards from friends or family members, according to one travel consultant with Ovation Travel Group who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect her clients' privacy.

They've used them to go to places like restaurants and beach clubs, but they're too scared to use them for foreign travel, she added. After such confessions, the adviser says she informs clients in writing that she won't be able to help them arrange their trip.

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Anti-vaxxers spend up to $500 to obtain fake COVID-19 vaccine card

As profitable black market enterprises grow throughout the world, anti-vaxxers are spending hundreds of dollars to acquire fake vaccine passports and successfully visit Australian businesses.

On the messaging app Telegram, more than a dozen accounts have been established selling fake vaccination certificates to various parts of the world, including Europe, North America, Asia, and the South Pacific.

For $500, one website selling fake documents is selling Australian vaccine passports, with purchasers having the option of choosing between Pfizer, AstraZeneca, or Moderna on the form.

According to Daily Mail Australia, a colleague boasted about buying a fake certificate and using it throughout Sydney after the state was released from lockdown on October 11.

Anti-vaxxers have also taken to Telegram to brag about their success in deceiving their bosses and companies. One dealer posted a photo of an Australian woman clutching a real digital vaccine passport, which the website said was a fake.

Before mailing the fake documents to buyers, sellers are seeking payments in hard-to-trace cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Some forgers claim to be working with licensed pharmacists and physicians, and that they can enter fake information into official databases, allowing fraudulent vaccines to go unnoticed, Daily Mail reported.

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